What does it mean to commit to a goal anyway?

It has been 11 days since I made the public declaration that I will write every and post everyday. I have posted 8 times, often at the last hour, pushing the save and publish button just before midnight. Those 8 posts have probably brought me the most joy in my personal life so far this year. And…it is not the content of the posts but the habit that has made me the happiest. That is, keeping my word to myself. I have also noticed that the sense of accomplishment that accompanies publishing a post also spills into other areas of my life, propelling me towards continuous action in work and my personal relations.

It’s been 11 days since I made the public declaration that I will write and post every say. I have not posted on this blog on 3 of those days. One of those days, I was very sick, the following night, I was recovering, and the next, I started to think it isn’t worth it. Committing to doing one thing every single day, in real time, is hard because life happens. Making that commitment public is really hard because the failure is then public

But on days like this, I remember the former sentiment of accomplishment and not that of the latter of failure. And I push ahead. While also thinking about what commitment means anyway…that is, if you commit to some practice and can’t do it well but do the practice anyway - the habitual part of the practice - is that still commitment ? Or is it the quality with which you practice the habit that counts? My best bet is that it is something in between the two. So in a relationship, it is calling your boyfriend every night and having really good conversation when you do so.

What do you think?