It won't always go as planned

It is 9:47pm in Accra and I am sitting in a restaurant called Mangos…writing.

Just a few minutes ago, I had written a thoughtful piece on my reason for starting my platform, Africans on China. I have had to do a lot of work around it this week so I thought to share what led me to that initiative anyway.

I was editing the post and some how, deleted the text. I tried to retrieve it …Ctlr Z-ed to no avail.

Anyone who has lost a text online knows how this feels.

I wouldn’t mind writing the post over but I have to head home before it gets too late; I don’t like driving at night, especially in Ghana, and I have already overstayed my welcome outside.

Tomorrow will be another day to try. But at least, I wrote this and a lot of life is this - making plans, working towards it, and having things go otherwise.